from Auschwitz

[. Jerzy Bielecki, now 89 years old.]

From a fellow Polish inmate working at a uniform warehouse he secretly got a complete SS uniform and a pass. Using an eraser and a pencil, he changed the officer’s name in the pass from Rottenfuehrer Helmut Stehler to Steiner just in case the guard knew the real Stehler, and filled it in to say an inmate was being led out of the camp for police interrogation at a nearby station. He secured some food, a razor for himself and a sweater and boots for Cybulska…

The fear of being gunned down remained with him in his first steps of freedom: “I felt pain in my backbone, where I was expecting to be shot,” Bielecki said.

I was expecting a love story- that continues until the present day, ending neatly, heartwarmingly, in the picture above. But this one continues not quite triumphantly (ah, why else would it make the news); for what’s a story without complications that so often happens with war and chance.


The comments from readers are a riot of opinions from love to politics to fate to whether Danielle Steel wrote this story. Hm.

This one pays the most humble tribute to Mr Bielecki:

Says a lot about a man who risked his life to rescue some girl he liked and later not hurt another woman he married.

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