Curative advertising

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I spose we do a reminder every now and then.

And an eager life-line always just a moneys away.


I remember the canterbury tales back in school. thick prose that required imagination to leap over centuries, disciplined eyes to flip between dictionary, glossary and back to actual book, and eternal patience (on the part of the teacher) to weave the stories together-

The prose was also done in middle english, for students who barely even liked modern english (i.e. contemporary literature). when our teacher could successfully translate it though, we found chaucer’s classic fascinating.

I was most fascinated by the bones bit.

The Pardoner’s Tale preaches morals and their muddy consequences: just skimming the story reminds me of  easy seductive greed, clumsy ambition that backfires and ends in no less than Death, glib speeches hanging on blatant hypocrisy.

Along the way, the pardoner also hawks relics to the public. sales as a token for their redemption and a promise of salvation. it was such a lurid mix of possible eunuch, probable pigs bones and meaningless scraps of paper passing for source codes to heaven; the pathetic clawing mess of a sinning crowd and prime authority enabled, required, to keep up the validation.

Is it me on a blue day, or does it not seem like our current world? Advertising, false charity, celebrity culture, big business buying off governments buying off people.

It was one of the sickest, slickest, stories i’d heard in my then 17-years.


I only preach of avarice and the like,
And in this way induce them to be free
In giving cash–especially to me.
Because my only interest is in gain;
I’ve none whatever in rebuking sin.
No, none! When they are pushing up the daises,
Their souls, for all I care, can go to blazes

– The Pardoner’s Prologue


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