pretty odd: octopus1 parakeet0

Who's a pretty boy then? The Dutch will reckon Mani is after he tipped them to win

[singapore, little india. mani the parakeet]

yea yea, our little parakeet in singapore ‘lost’ to the octopus in germany.

it’s a been a strange world cup, with terms like ‘paul the octopus’, and ‘mani the psychic parakeet’ bandied about alongside football terminology.

and today, some people are doubly chuffed: not only did their team (spain) win, their animal (octopus) won at pretty high stakes as well- a convenient assurance of both pride and intelligence.

on the flip side, those rooting for holland-and indirectly parakeet- must be feeling so let down, and cheated, by both team and bird.

but making world cup history and other wondrousness:

spain becomes the 8th country to win the world cup (paul has 8 tentacles)

iniesta scores in the 116th minutes- the latest ever in a match a goal has been scored (paul still has 1+1+6 tentacles)

spain’s 23-man team was drawn from 8 clubs (as above)

spain scored 8 goals in this tournament- lowest ever by a winning team (repeat above)

spain scored 8 yellow cards along the way (last time, see above)

holland joins 3rd-placed germany to become a third-time world-cup loser (paul is a naturalised german)


my personal theory is that the parakeet, being indian, couldnt be bothered about football, and so hadn’t tuned in to his full psychic abilities.

besides, paul had more to lose after his odious prediction of germany’s loss came true (was true? is true?). perhaps now at least he’s earning back a bit of respect from his fellow citizens. perhaps cementing his status will guarantee him a clean cage and plump clams til the next championships.

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