from paul to BBQ.

Paul the octopus

[. at Aquarium Sea Life.  via the Guardian]

poor paul the octopus. at first he was heralded, embraced, as the octopsychipus which foretold germany’s strong blitz through the World Cup. while journalists waxed lyrical about how argentina would tango their way past germany, paul chose germany (by choosing mussels from a box). most will remember the 4-0 pummelling. paul became the holy oracle overnight, backed by his own winning streak of 8 games.

now, he’s only foretold the truth, and everyone (except anyone who speaks Ole) is suddenly coming up with octopus recipes. the proposed violence is pretty graphic.

this is why i find the World Cup fascinating: crazy fans, entire nations rising in passion (even those which have only bleeding hearts, and perhaps pockets, invested. poor singapore); different cultures on display in motion amidst a field of grass, plenty of tears, sweat, money and even a baby involved; and curious talismans and oracles like paul the octopus.

maybe paul can just feel what’s coming better, with all those tentacles. i wonder if he can feel the accummulated hatred of every country germany has knocked out, and finally the cold fury of his own country. i wonder how his aquarium keeper feels- no newspaper seems to have interviewed him yet. is anyone out for his head?

footy: Soccer fans react

from the guardian:

here in singapore, we have a prophetic parakeet. mani gets a breathless quarter-page chronicle of his pecks (he reckons spain as the winner too). it’s a good thing mani is in neutral ground in a neutral country- little india, where the only sport they care about is cricket.

either way, it’ll be an unprecedented match with holland and spain  up for the prize. and thereafter, another flood of pontification and vilification.

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