why do you do./tobias wong

[ . Smoking Mittens]

tobias wong, 35, had died on may 35, and it was ruled a suicide. -? 

i like  how tobias wong designs- they’re very clever, very civilised, very clean. he’s one of the few who managed to take playful punchlines to visuals, without seeming snarky. a million strands of ideas run through them. a writer would love to write as he designs.

 he thumbs at the glam, but never fell into the trap of trading in its currency. i think that’s hard to achieve, and even rarer to maintain as success grows. its particularly ironic since he worked  in the design world, the shadier sister of art, where commercialism rules, best mass-produced. he once told Theme:

“I don’t draft or create models/prototypes, I don’t problem solve and I definitely don’t make things to make life easier,”


it’s tempting, but don’t compare him to alexander mcqueen.


if its hip its here has a nice roll of his works,  including the gold leaf pills below. it also has a great list of where you can find some of these products.

[. Gold pills, part of his Indulgences collection, via if its hip its here]


[ . Money Pad ]

I was just playing with luxury at the time. Being able to hold a wad of cash is something that’s amazing; that was a fun project. I had it bound with peel-able notepad glue, and backed it with cardboard, and I would carry it in my back pocket, just peel as you go.

[ . Coke Spoon 2]

 McDonald’s slapped sellers of the above with a cease-and-desist order. They must have been really nervous, since, anyway,:

The original plastic coffee stirrer was taken out of production when the fast food conglomerate discovered it was being used for drug purposes in the 1980’s. McDonald’s became uncomfortable with the affiliation when the coffee stirrers were constantly being used as Exhibit A’s in drug cases. – from BigRedToyBox


[. ipad case, with chelsea briganti. via Treehugger ]

he was the 15th person in line to buy the iphone when it came out in 2007.


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