I always thought a great way to experience the foreign is through its gastronomic flavours. Over in the east (and south, and northeast, pretty much all over), sweets, ice creams and pastries can seem not in the least bit an exotic discovery anywhere. But I’m deciding to go against that to fit it in my travel itinerary in San Francisco..


[ Brioche Bread Pudding from Tartine Bakery]


[Cappucino It’s-It]

Some curious facts about this one:

1) It was invented in 1928.

2) Vanilla tastes nicer than the newer Cappucino.

3) Only tourists eat the Mint flavoured ones.


[Cornmeal Cherry Rosemary Doughnut from Dynamo]

Not usually a fan of the dough ringlet, despite its proliferation around our lil island. Perhaps the home of Simpson’s doh’nuts will reveal its magic.

Mitchell's Ice Cream

[Mitchell’s Milkshakes.]

All right. So I can’t seem to find a picture of the best old-school milkshake in San Francisco. But there’s enough cross-my-heart raves, and I’ll be going. Pineapple-coconut.. Mango..yam..and even durian-flavoured?!? Sounds like home.


[Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Caramels from Hooker’s]


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