Maman/ “I really want to worry people”

London. Maman, Louise Bourgeoius

Discomfort is a sign something new is being discovered,
old is being uncovered, held is being challenged,
important is–


Louise bourgeois died on saturday.

I saw a picture of the metal spider sculpture (surely it’s earned its own pronoun) long before i even heard of louise bourgeois, which was both still quite recent, and more recently, when a documentary was made in 2008.

I was impressed that the spider didn’t sink to provocateur to ask and question. Just, eight longs legs pull the eyes upwards into a kind of crazy eternity–it must feel pretty psychedelic staring up 30ft at the spider’s body, surrounded by its spindly legs.

I thought it interesting, that it needled because it spoke of not a singular humanity, but played with a polarising mix of female and male. Then, i’d thought it rare that she was female, and still creating, still directive in her artworks.

I liked that, unlike many contemporary art which seem to leap and wail and stand boldly solo, Maman had a kind of knowingness of its own limited existence. and as one walked alongside it, surely the same, if faint, self-awareness would come. isnt that really an acknowledgement of death?


Some of her works:: 10 essential artworks

Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, the Mistress and the Tangerine
louise bourgeois, photograph by robert mapplethorpe


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