well, they are the same way here.

i remember, moving from neophyte,

a shift in the eyes, brought with it such

drastic sights.


Once upon a time, a couple from another area wanted to move to this village.

They sought out this village’s wisest elder and asked him, “Venerable elder, we are thinking of moving here. We don’t like where we live now, and we are looking for a better place with nicer people. What are the people here like?”

The elder said, “Well, in your current village, where you live now, what are the people like?” The couple replied, “Oh, they are mean-spirited and awful. They’re the reason we want to move.”

The old man said, “Well, I have to say, they are the same way here”. The couple was disappointed and unhappy.

Later, a different couple came by to ask the same question of the wise elder. The elder asked the second couple “What are the people in your current village like?”

The second couple said, “Oh, they are the most wonderful, helpful and friendly people in the world”.

The elder said, “Well, they are the same way here”. The second couple smiled, and stayed.


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