Varansi, according to others.

Chat at Varanasi

[ india, varanasi. all photos by nilanjan ray]

his photo is also here, on the national geographic voting machine.

a tired question,

the faithless can have no hope of an answer.

varanasi left its first impression on me via boey kim cheng’s varanasi, dawn. i’ve forgotten the actual words of the poem, and the collection – another place-, shelved for quiet reverence, but i remember the questions boey asked in his poem; the questions articulated, and the wonderment left unspoken, unaccounted for, never actually quenched. he’d been an outsider looking in. he didnt seem too mournful. but you knew that faith was special.

mr j smith did a wonderful job of bringing us through boey’s poems; di, mang and i were seated on the front pew. twice a week we’d have that solitude within ourselves.

Pilgrims at Mathura

[india, mathura. winner at the spider awards]


3 thoughts on “Varansi, according to others.

  1. i remember those days… fondly.

    despite the wonder the poetry evoked in me, i always managed to fall asleep… somehow. i had a theory– that i’d imagine so much, i’d drift away to… another place.

    i remember “another place”. and “varanasi, dawn”. and when i went to india the year after, i remembered it again. and… “the missionary”.

  2. that’s such a lovely theory :B

    ..boey kim cheng and john smith would have been proud..

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