Numbers mean squat

You think that because you negotiated puberty and developed secondary sexual characteristics, and got qualifications and opened a bank account and subjected yourself to the scrutiny of anti-terrorism laws and anti-money-laundering laws and learned to drive and got a job and perhaps a spouse and even children, and quite possibly even pay your taxes – quite possibly even SMOKE – you are a grown-up.

. Michael Bywater, Big Babies or, Why Can’t We Just Grow Up.


He plies his trade with scathing words. Here’s a good rant in the Independent, where he dished a lot of it as a longtime columnist:

I find this constant clamour for apology offensive. I demand a full apology.

And advice: Two of my favourites, because they’re now common (could i find a more banal word), and it’s become either elitist or taboo to argue against them:

Never vote for, do business with or be pleasant to anyone who uses the words ‘ordinary people’.

Ignore celebrities, except when they are doing what they are celebrated for doing: acting, playing football et cetera. Skill does not confer moral, political or intellectual discrimination. (Except in the case of writers. Writers know everything and can lecture you with impunity.)


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