presenting two.

[ . jonathan klein, TEDTalks]

In my industry, we believe that images can change the world. okay- we’re naive, we’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. the truth is that we know the images themselves don’t change the world, but we’re also aware that since the beginning of photography that images have provoked reactions in people, and those reactions have caused change to happen.


One of my mother’s many aphorisms, usually grand indignations spun through feisty improv,

“you have two eyes: one to see, and one to do, alright??”

she never penciled in links (or logic for that matter), but i see that particular line from her is simple in its truth. In its truth holds simultaneous actions

We live, we perceive, we believe, we react. We do all of these at once,without really knowing it.


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