830pm, 27 March 2010.

[ . from Chu❤ ]

A year ago, as mtv repeated its globe motifs, i was sceptical. very sceptical. cheap marketing ploy to cool-ify combating climate change, i’d thought. the real greens conserve for conservation’s sake, without needing the shadow of some hollywood doomsday. and ironically -very obviously– only one hour was chosen because who has time for earth hours.

Still, seeing people and places in all pockets of the world go dark for this anointed hour is heartening.  there would indeed be substantial energy savings; a rallying call… rallies. and if such beautiful pictures are the result at the end of the day (hour), if nothing else, perhaps having all these visual snapshots of both places and people can remind us of the world we inhabit.


[ hongkong island and kowloon; usa, seattle, pacific science center; moscow, state university; greece, athens, acropolis; usa, new york, capitol building; china, beijing, forbidden city; singapore (raffles place, for those who want to visit). more via Boston Globe *]

*this very cool link shows both before and during earth hour shots.

i thought these places stripped of their glamour lights looked a lot more vulnerable and pretty. and you could actually see the space in which they sit.


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