Would you always/maybe sometime/make it easy

View from Supperclub, Singapore
Singapore. northbridge road. view from supperclub, pre-opening

#1. And it was all red, stark, and not centred at all right.
How often does a past or future turn in a clear image.
Does either ever return reality.

I was picking the raw skin around idle hands, tired from routine malaise, and a thought returned suddenly, an old friend forgotten but with all the authority of accumulated history:

Every thought and every action i commit to is the person i become.

Contemplation comes easy when we face these hands that make up much of our lives.

#2. Every thought and every action we deliver builds us, further, further.

We are not always masters of our destiny, any one barely aware of society will mourn- and be in awe of – that; we just need to remember there’s often plenty of space for us to grow into.

#3. “bright lights”– in the city

“bright lights” — charm; eternal youth and exuberance; distracting shiny things

“bright” vs lights — angels; direction; awareness; understanding; confidence

build(win) — competition; triumph over men; statues and status

build.grow  — evolution; experiences

So silly-y easy to get them mixed up.

View from Supperclub, SingaporeView from Supperclub, Singapore



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