[Cambodia, phnom penh]

In theory, i knew what cambodia would be like. with enough tv documentaries and a vague understanding of SEA socio-politics, one would have some good preparatory buzzwords. mine were-

Pol pot and child prostitution; poverty; mind fields and massages; angkor wat. My ideas of cambodia was all tangled up in its people, and i’d set off uncertain about negotiating my way around, and i’d hoped  into, the lives of these people. I had no agenda, and a nervous, unformed modus operandi. I’d planned little, but after thailand, felt i’d needed to bring something other than my camera, which had til then only stolen moments and collected haphazardly exotic images; some tourists have the privilege to leave other kinds of trails. After leah lau‘s photo site and nine emails later, i got ready with a shopping bag of notepads, stationery and archie’s comics.

I just didn’t realise how it’d actually be.


Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Phnom penh. choeung ek/killing fields


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