what did the goat say to the tree?

Goats on an argan tree

[possibly morroco? .  all pics via DamnCoolPics ]

a really good friend once told me, though i forget which context would necessitate such a relevation, about certain goats that can climb certain types of trees. my other good friend and i had a good time laughing at that. of course, i knew certain goats could be nimble (anyone who can imagine ‘mountain’ and ‘goat’ together must appreciate the occasional difficult terrain goat will encounter on mountain), but living a mostly urban life, i’d never come across any visual notes of greater feats, and never thought to wiki-prove it.

then i chanced upon this page.

Anonymous said…

they do it cause thay don’t know they cann’t. be more like them

1:48 PM

Josh said…

On multiple occasions, I’ve seen goats up above 14,000 feet in the mountains. Just take a drive to the top of Mt. Evans in Colorado and you’ll probably see ’em up there too.

9:55 AM

 from artist Robert Bateman:


by the way, the answer to this post’s title is ‘baah‘.


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