do you know you’re being consumed.

[via The Grand Narrative]

one of my favourite go-to-sights, The Grand Narrative reminds us we’re not just on show, we’re on sale.

the (translated) confession of a Korean music journalist peels this hot sweaty dynamic between audience and the sex-glammed image. he puts into words what our hormones confuddle..

Based on the premise that Girls’ Generation’s company is skillfully encouraging men to have sexual fantasies about the group and basically selling sex then all this raises two problematic issues to worry about. But I don’t expect many fans, young students and women to agree with me, for many reasons: first, because to Girls’ Generations’ fans, this sort of opinion is considered insulting to the group; and in the case of young students and women, they can’t really understand these physical feelings of men. But while I seek their forgiveness, the facts remain. Let’s continue on that premise.


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