something i felt today.

If we teach people about sharks, we can save them
[? . from whysharksmatter ]

(one of the comments)
Despite all the knowledge and technology we possess we continue to destroy things that we don’t fully understand.

Us people always seemed to me more self-conscious than self-aware, more inclined to the strange Other than attuned to mapping our interconnectedness. I’ve always thought the devastation on plants and animals tragic evidence of this.

There may be mtv* specials galore courtesy of Al Gore campaigns and wonderful mega-documentaries [see list of EXCITES to the right] out to showcase the world we could be losing, but as long as we only see in parts and in terms of Other… They’ll never work.

Sharks have been pretty much both elevated and distorted in the consciousness of most Singaporeans. They are exoticised sleek machines from waters far and away. They also make for delicious sharks fin soup. They are both mythical and part of tradition; a power combo hard to change.


Those are two reasons why i’m anticipating “Why Sharks Matter: Using New Environmentalism to Show The Economic And Ecological Importance of Sharks, The Threats They Face, and How You Can Help“, by David Shiffman (scientist guy in above pic). follow his shark-crusades here.

*by the way, mtv videos always hit the ‘cool’ mark.

MTV Global Warming Campaign from Justin Gedzus on Vimeo.


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