the ultimate sandman.

[ nevada. all images from. ]

one man.
one dry lake bed.
8 days of walking,

no measuring aids.

….the world’s largest freehand drawing.

[ nevada. all images from. ]

130,000 ft above, the last photo in july 2008 shows the artist, jim denevan, as a mere speck. circumvented by his own work, lost in the expanse of nature.

so.. if the introduction sounds a lil epic, that’s because this really is!

and the question is, why.

The drawing was transient, as all of Jim’s work is: “It was completely erased in a rainstorm the next week… It felt strange to work so hard and not see tide come in. But rains did come which is sort of the same thing.”

… in transforming all around him, in his labours and toils, and exertions upon the internal, man only transforms himself. all is washed away by the tide, and all remains is within himself.


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