Chinatown, Singapore
[Singapore. Chinatown/ Bugis, Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho temple]

Helpful people out there on youtube and their blogs: creature comforts.

… Looking at rounded corners immediately made me think of this series I’ve been keeping for a while.
I don’t usually alter or decorate my photographs, preferring to leave them as clean records of a place or event in time.

I’m neither a professional nor a cam-connoisseur; I’m usually kind with aesthetic warts and technical flaws (of both photographer and camera, usually ineptitude of former, and failure to exploit to advantage the latter). but borders (especially upon borders) can force a studied contemplation.

Borders remind us to close in, pay attention, and draw meaning imbedded within its delimited area.

Here it is a crane and temple, a foreboding process of construction and reconstruction.


looked up and saw contrast.
hints of mutability and change;
or one dominating.


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