to seek.


O.E. secanvisit, inquire, pursue,” influenced by O.N. soekja, both from P.Gmc. *sokjanan (cf. O.S. sokian, O.Fris. seka, M.Du. soekan, O.H.G. suohhan, Ger. suchen, Goth. sokjan), from PIE *sag-to track down, to trace” (cf. L. sagire “to perceive quickly or keenly,” sagus “presaging, predicting,” O.Ir. saigim “seek”). The modern form of the word as uninfluenced by O.N. is in beseech.

The religious sect of the Seekers is attested from 1645.


c.1175, bisecen “to beseech, beg urgently,” from be- + M.E. secen “to seek



burma. inle

photos by gabrielle bertier

The means with which we conduct our investigations.

And we grow into
that which we learn?
What do we learn.

Uniforms and aculturation make all the same-
so does love and affection.


While searching for the light, will we, blind and small as we are, rush right by it;
does it blind us, whence we still cannot take on its glory and might?

“… god almighty wont remain almighty if people knows how he looks like.
god might be so mighty that he’ll blow your socks off… “
End the day exhausted.
The night won’t offer respite:
one’s ignorance is either temporary
Then brace yourself for the liminal test
or death-  you’ve lost at the grand game of life.
Eternally looking for something more,

until it is found.


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