question #1.

There’s another kind of wondrous travelling; traversing the internal mind via textural soundscapes.

rose tinted view
and satellites that compromise
the truth

but i wanted more
with the cuts and the bruises

it drives me away
but it turns me
like a stranger’s love
(faith) rockets through the universe
it fuels the lies and feeds the curse


Laos, Luang Prabang.

Alms giving in early morning.


Ventiene. Nong Duang

Faith is believing in what you know to be false.
Time too swift. Margaret Poynter

I used to think that quote true. I still cannot decide if the line is positive.

So often while in Laos we had to face questions of faith, if our efforts would pull through, what methods and illuminations would come forth to rescue  us. Their shaded hopes, and our tired selves.

I think they had more faith than us. Through no real articulation. And so they were able to teach us the real meaning of faith.


France, Paris. Notre Dame (from s.y.)


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