suppose art is communication, suppose communication is really a basal drive to connect to another.
suppose the core web of our being is with other beings.

i instinctively feel that is too simplistic, too anthropocentric. but it doesnt negate the what and how of our interrelationships: person to person, culture to person, culture to culture.
and it doesnt undermine the importance of it all.

commercialism can still inspire, no?


[[from rachelc;]
[ nyc. central park]
idealistic interpretation: the subtle shadow play invite us to rise above, and imagine according to the eden of nature.

[[from and alecia]
sensuousness, strength and gentle tension; curves and rigid lines- reflect our own contortions and complexities as we present our selves, and strive to comprehend others.

if only we could be as blatantly honest and clear as (it) the words of our soul written out all over our bodies.
or more practically, if we could only express boldly and listen as hungrily.

//The Body as Dream series
is based on the certainty
that our reality exists
because we’ve given it a name,
that our representation of the world
is as important
as its existence a priori

and that we,
along with the world we’re a part of,

are defined by our words.

The writing
is a continual repetition of words
which form an entirety
of illegible signs
that envelop the skin,
cover and replace it.
Light or ponderous, winking or solemn,
all of these images represent
the same curious astonishment
at what we are.


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