In Laos: candidly, part two


[Laos, Vientiene]

Dennis running away in horror from the Lao bins.


Nong Duang Secondary

Seetha wins best-fish-award.

Synchronised hair arrangement.

The heat and dust can do that to you.

vasudha: master karate-chef. seetha: sliced choy-suey.
Happy teeth.

At the ceremony.


Ventiene. Patouxai monument

Laos, Ventiene. Patouxai monument


Ventiene. wet market

Weiling looking for defects in the chicken.


Ventiene. peanut market

Jolyn refusing a laotian offer.


Ventiene. Nong Duang secondary

[Nong Duang Secondary]

The building must begin.


Singapore embassy

[Singapore embassy.]

YuXin looking her most formidable. And the guys discussing covert missions.


[vientiene. french restaurant] thanks for the treat.


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