wearing Berlin.

I love new york, but berlin wins for being Raw.


Lately’s been a re-arousal of passion: fashion on TV, finally getting another Vogue, having more moolah and time to look at and get clothes, being able to go beyond school corridors and workplaces..

That was a digressive introduction-
Spent some time perusing street fashion, and chanced upon those in new york, paris, helsinki, tokyo and singapore. Beyond colors,  shapes, different flavors of style, it was very curious and gratifying mentally to feel out the culture of a people via their clothes.

None of them looked like they had oodles of disposable euros to throw on Kleidung. Which is part of the raw harshness to their clothes. Their look isnt the convenient pieced- together brands dripping polish and stateliness, neither is it the loud popof the fashion  exhibitionist (dare i say, the tokyo way). Berlin fashion contains a tough blend of deutsch industry and individual spirit. Wunderbar.


Those adidas stripes again (think they are). Past the sweet moment (whatever their little hearts beat about), the composition is such a sweetaccidental narrative. Man and kid in the background foreshadowing the couple in front.

This is berlin stereotyped, and exemplified.

This is berlin because… no one wears coats of that colour and length in this decade anymore. ? love it.

Those shoes, hard to pull off.
and do the graffiti influence the people, or the people influence the graffiti?

Scruffy. and they look hungry. You dont get that in paris.
Lieber the brown on brown neutrals.

Saw my first all-pink european lady in muenster and this berliner reminds me of her.

I’m not sure what makes this Berlin- adidas, again, mayhaps?

I couldnt resist adding this: how low-cost and old school grunge can you get with slit jeans and neo-70s hairdo? Make fun if you must.

And a fitting end-note: What better accessory than an accidental symbol of freedom- a set of pollution- free wheels.



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