mit freunde.

Mostly random shots with you guys in it. Had a good laugh looking through them.. hope you don’t mind me having gleefully captured some of your more candid (and hence, rather less glamorous) moments :)


Ja- guten appetit :p

Hear her roar.


In midflight. So calm!

On swift ascent.

[Grillabend. Im Muenster]

[ Englishergarten. ] was amused at the girls doing taichi.

[ Munich, Altstadt] Pei Shan and I politely forced Dixie to try a raspberry.

[front of Munich’s Alter Rathaus] Looking at maggie.

[Bonn] Both Weihan and Beethoven mastered the angsty look.

[ Bochum, Landshaftmuseum] Wenda manning the phones.

Pei Shan habt ein Vogel. Dixie’s Vogel is under her cap.

[?. Boe Viscering] Rather grim paintings contrasting against the two laughing below. Eerie.

[ Landshaftmuseum] Counter lady does not look too amused by the clowning around.

Take one.

[muenster’s prinzipalmarkt. some chain restaurant called Nordsee]

Take two.

The last supper. Super fish!

[klassraum. robertkochstr] Maggie’s birthday! Can’t decide if Glory’s apple pie or the napkin on Maggie’s neck looks cuter.

[am aasee. field] Silly laughter; Eyebags; but heck- it’s a happy field. We’d really be deliriously happy every time we go there. Must be the pollen.

[? . Muhlenhof museum.]

Dixie macham diva. Great doll idea.

[ Muenster, der Sand]


Erste tag. Frisch brot. Frisch ‘face’.


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