[Deutschland album] Alles mit pei shan.


[Munich, Jaeger’s hostel]

Left on table: Zhu.

Right standing: Zhu (Ok. I made you do that. Sorry!)



The day we picked probably two kilos of strawberries each, which is way more than any of us would have had in a year back home.

For sure.

We went nuts. The farmer must have thought this rabid pack of Asians was raping his field. We probably effectively killed the rest of his summer trade.

Along the road to the Erdbeeren farm, we discover pei shan loves weeds.

Wir haben viele viele ‘dandelions’ gesehen…
… und haben Blumen ‘ge-blowen’.

Time to… Share-A-Strawberry!
So big and fat! The berry.

Erdbeeren Warriors.

Pink fingers.

Very evil grin.

Arms straining with the weight…

… of strawberries that she’ll turn into jam later.


Munich. at the Englischergarten

Smiles on our faces; feet in the bloody kalt river.

The Lethal-Tanned-Foot-Kick! THIS is in return for…





Deutschland vs Argentina

Enthusiastic over World Cup much?

We look like imported fans- slashed and marked.



I forgot what that hill of ash and coal is called.

Die Sonne war sehr hell.



That’s the intersection of wilmergasse/ hindenburgplatz. And the crazy trio.

(l) Huuuge Wilmergasse window- all the better to look out from.

(r) After too many strawberries. This is what happens after a longlong walk through a prinzipalmarkt with no public benches to sit on… Rested on some railing outside a shop and, uh- Pei Shan showed me her ‘face’ for the first time.

When Muenster rained.

When our bicycle-pillioning attempt failed. ( You could say, it never really quite got off the ground. Hur hur.)

While waiting for Margaret to rescue us with her car.

Thanks for indulging my healthy interest in nuns.


Completely jaw-dropping array of home-made jams.

It was such a blessing to meet Marcus’ gastfamilie. The parents were so generous and warm. You could see all the love still flowing between them, and in the little relics of years and laughs gone by in their home.

It was almost overwhelming. I’ll never forget that.


Right at the very beginning.

The very first schloss we saw. Of course we had to take a picture in front of it- rugby huddle style!

Team B!

Marcus gazing into the distance for the missing Wenda.


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