Essen: mini food edition



The Malaga- first of many eis affairs.
This was at our first sit down ‘meal’ together in Duesseldorf. Look at pei shan’s bubblegum blue Eis in the background. Frankly, i think deutschland had me at dairy and brot. The dark breads were a treat for me, and sitting at the ice cream cafes enjoying everyone enjoying the outdoors was pretty idyllic.


Our lil picnic on our First Major Cycling Expedition!

Lovingly home made sandwiches of dunkelbrot, salami, schinken, kaese spread with honig. took us half an hour to chew through the bread.

First big Nachtessen with the Holtmanns: after barbequeing every kind of meat you can think of (including multiple types of bratwurst which i could only identify by colours brown, brown and grey, probably pork, likely beef, surely some chicken, and the most tender white fish). What better way to end than a dessert of Erdbeeren (yes! more!).

Vanilla ice cream is made for strawberries. Note the generous helping, which really makes me tear up.


somewhere in Münster

A very Happy Donnerstag when we went to help a local farmer ‘harvest’ his erdbeeren… We must have cleared up at least 15-20kg among us– not counting the ones we chowed down in the fields. Sun, fresh wind, fields stretching as far as the eye can see, fruits and friends. Sehr spass.


Mein typische Fruhstuek: ample supply of cheese, hams, good solid brot. and erdbeeren. Thanks so much, Neumann familie.. I hope my appetite didn’t scare them too much.

Medicine not part of meal.



Two things to note:  fantastic array of bikes in the background, and the fabulous dump of garnishes and mustard on the big fat bratwurst!

Nur 1Euro. Lecker!

You just grab your plain bun and bratwurst from the counter and pile on as much gunk and pickles as you want.



Okay. This isn’t really our food.

But, blonde girl, german bier, pommes frites and bratwurst, wearing germany colours against backdrop of halftime Deutschland/Argentinien match- whoo.


Long pieces of junk food always work.

When hungry and looking for a cheap healthy snack, turn to the biggest pretzel in your nearest baekerei.



Another picture of erdbeeren just to proportionally represent the many that we ate.


at the prinzipalmarkt, at the supermarkt

At the galleria kaufhaus supermarkt in muenster’s prinzipalmarkt. Die wurst- impressive.



Not part of the speisekarte:

Come to think of it– did anyone come across duck in germany?

Here are non-edible ducks at a lake of a schloss southeast (?) of Muenster- on an excursion to Ruhrgebiet.

It started drizzling shortly after this picture was taken.



And before all the above, this Kuchen was spotted in a Duesseldorf baekerei. It was our first day in germany and it was the most fantastic monstrosity we could never have even imagined back home.  Plus two boxes of strawberries- nur 80Euro cents each.

All happiness broke loose as we chanced upon the coolest, softest, daisy-ed grass to sit on (where was it?). The token nude German sunbather off to the left (not pictured) really completed the experience nicely for us. That was truly a memorable lunch with our first erdbeeren-binge, on what we began calling our Happy Field.


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